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I help you to become aware.

Aware that you are not your mind, not your emotions, not your pain.
Aware that everything you do arises from desire or aversion: Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.
Aware that your behaviour flows from unconscious conditioning that is more out of your control than you might believe.
Aware that everything is constantly changing and that therefore nothing is eternally satisfying.
And at last, aware that what you are in essence is that what is always there

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I have experience in all sorts of meditation techniques and traditions and I am specialized in teaching the Jhanas up to the Pure Land Jhanas. I’m comfortable guiding you up to realizing that what you truly are is experience, experiencing itself. Many labels have been put on this specific realization, but I like to call it: Becoming Nobody. Because only when you have let go of the illusion of separateness, liberation will follow.


In order to get there I love to combine different techniques into a mix that works best for you. I believe the process of becoming aware and opening your heart is a combination of on-cushion practice, off-cushion practice, study, healing, and adjusting your life so that it fits your specific purpose as unique human being. The true challenge lies in integrating the supramundane insights the mind gains due to introspection in our daily, often stress-full, lives. Therefore, I like to look beyond your on-cushion practice at your life as a whole.


Wow, lots of I’s there. But still, I think it is of true importance to be absolutely honest so you know what you can expect from me!​

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They call me Pim. Bookworm, podcastjunkie, meditationmister and naturelover. These are the labels my mind tries to identify with, what are yours?

I obtained a Master's degree in Strategic Management at Tilburg University and then started working at my dad’s construction company. Exactly at the moment the big housing crisis hit and me and my colleagues had to go all out to save the company. And I did. With a severe burn-out as a consequence. In that intense period I discovered meditation and completely fell in love with it. After a long period of falling back and scribbling up, my relationship ended, I sold the company and was overwhelmed with uncertainty. That was when deep insights into the nature of perceived reality revealed themselves, which eventually led to my life mission:

To help you wake up.


I now work as a meditation guide, write about life beyond separation, and have a meditation studio at home where I guide meditation sessions. For the curious ones who want to know more about my own spiritual experiences, you can read all about them by clicking the button below.


Dustin (Portugal)

I was fortunate to meet Pim when my practice became more serious. He is both a mentor and a friend whose own journey showed me what’s possible and whose heartfelt guidance repeatedly helped me past challenges.

Jamie (UK)


I found Pim to be an excellent teacher. He really encouraged me during difficult stages of the path, giving me essential feedback that helped me to gain some perspective and stabilise my practice.
His advice, coming from a place of deep personal insight, always struck to the heart of what was happening in my practice, even in ways that I only understood in retrospect. As a guide, he was good-humoured. His sincere spiritual friendship and wish for my awakening and happiness was a real blessing. I'm deeply grateful for the teachings I received, and the profound impact they had on my practice.

Jeroen (Netherlands)


Pim is helping me enormously on the spiritual path. He is a wonderful listeneren, radiates calmness and steers me in the right direction. He doesn't spell solutions out for me, but helps me in realizing insights myself. His blogs greatly inspire me and trigger me to keep practicing. It's unbelievably pleasant to hear the ever-present smile in his voice.

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