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1:1 Guidance

A flame inside of you is burning
And whatever you do, it keeps directing you to spiritual practices and resources

That flame is your guide

And I'm here to help you trusting it


How I work

This is what you can expect from working with me:

  • Clear personal instructions after finding the practice or combination of practices that works best for you

  • Feedback & encouragement, because that sometimes is just the thing that can get you through a rough patch in your practice

  • Life coaching on different aspect in your life as walking the path will change your life in an incredibly positive way. If you let it.

  • Tips for podcast, dharma talks and books that suit your practice at this moment


I’ll show you the way, but you’re the one that has to walk.
Therefore, I hope that you are willing to commit to the following when working with me:


  • A minimum of 45 minutes of formal daily practice

  • Cutting back on activities that strongly interfere with the process of becoming aware

  • Be honest and open

  • Study the material assigned to you

Hey You

You have found a wonderful path. Sometimes beautiful beyond words, sometimes terrible beyond comprehension. My mission is to comfort you, to show you that all of this is necessary to finally become what you have always been: Nobody.


Because you first have to realize your identity has no ground before you can finally let go of the struggle with life. What remains is the fullness of life in this present moment. And that is what every person is looking for in their deepest essence. When you're nobody, there is no desire to be somebody.



Becoming aware asks for dilligent practice and customized guidance. Although I love to hear about your practice in one session, my guidance works best when I truly know you and your path. That's why I give a session for free when you purchase a bigger number of sessions at once. Dedication and trust pays off. 

1 session

€ 79,-

10 sessions + 1 for FREE

€ 790,-

Full Guidance pack

€ 199,- a month

Trouble affording my service? Reach out to me anyway! I'm sure we can make it work.

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